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Composition Exam

Assessing Students' Academic Writing Skills

Composition Exam

All newly admitted students complete the Rice Composition Exam in the summer before matriculation. The composition exam assesses a student's strengths in academic writing and provides him or her with an evaluation that will help inform course selection.


Should you enroll in a FWIS or FWIS 100?

In particular, the composition exam determines whether a student is assigned to enroll in a First-year Writing-Intensive Seminar - FWIS (fall or spring); or must complete FWIS 100: Introduction to Academic Writing - FWIS 100 (fall), and FWIS (spring). FWIS 100 is designed for students who would benefit from additional instruction in academic reading, writing and composition before they enroll in a FWIS.

For additional information about the composition exam, including procedure, evaluation, and frequently asked questions, visit

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