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All students may schedule a consultation at the Center for Academic and Professional Communication (Fondren Library) to review a written, oral, or visual communication assignment. Our consultants can assist you.

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Fall Consultations Begin August 24

The CAPC is currently closed to student appointments.  To give our peer consultants a break and allow for planning for the next year, the CAPC offeres no appointments the first few weeks of August.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the CAPC has transitioned to online consultations.  Our consultants will be taking limited appointments again on Monday, August 24, and will return to a full schedule September 8.


Meet one-on-one with a trained peer consultant to improve your communication skills.

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Peer communication consultants meet with students to discuss their works-in-progress.

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    When we engage with a text or listen to talk that moves us powerfully, the delivery may strike us as effortless or even natural to the communicator. But communicating our ideas in a way that captures readers or audiences is a skill that requires ongoing, lifelong practice. At the Center for Academic and Professional Communication, we work hard to foster a dialogue about the complexity of writing and the importance of developing a confidence in and care for every writer’s journey. While the goal might be that your reader encounters your work as “smooth” or “effortless,” we will work with you on the skills needed for ongoing practice of writing and communication, such as the study of intended audience or genre, critical thinking and commitment to ideas, and choices on the structure best suited for your ideas.