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All students may schedule a consultation at the Center for Academic and Professional Communication (Fondren Library) to review a written, oral, or visual communication assignment. Our consultants can assist you.

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We are now offereing a full in-person schedule.  Limited online appointments will be available (please choose the online schedule from the dropdown in the scheduler). 

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Meet one-on-one with a trained peer consultant to improve your communication skills.

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Peer communication consultants meet with students to discuss their works-in-progress.

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  • Consultant Spotlight

    I see writing and communication as important not only for success in academia, but also as a necessary skill as we navigate life in general. One thing I love about CAPC is that we do not focus only on written communication, but also offer workshops and consultations on oral and visual communication as well. As a student in the English Department, I’m always tempted to think of writing as the only form of effective communication, but this is very far from being true. We communicate every day in our lives, and most of the ways we communicate with others are through oral and visual means. Learning how to hone not only writing, but the way we communicate through speech and visual aids gives us tools to engage effectively with those around us: academically, professionally, and personally as well. Communication helps us connect.