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All students may schedule a consultation at the Center for Academic and Professional Communication (Fondren Library) to review a written, oral, or visual communication assignment. Our consultants can assist you.

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Writing Groups


CAPC Feedback Writing Groups - Fall 2021

Through feedback-based writing groups we provide:

  • A facilitator (CAPC staff) who can also provide feedback
  • A space to meet and discuss your manuscripts
  • Opportunities to meet other graduate writers in the same discipline

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CAPC Graduate Writers' Lounge

Open to all disciplines and graduate student writers, The Writers' Lounge is a drop-in accountability writing group.  Drop-In means you can attend at any time it fits your schedule without needing to register!  A CAPC graduate writing consultant will facilitate timed pomodoro writing sessions (25 min writing + 5 min break) and will help motivate you with occasional writing activities/tips.  The goal of the lounge is to support your success and well-being, to foster a sense of writing community, and to help make progress on your writing project!

The Graduate Writers’ Lounge is now hybrid!  You can either join us in-person (Fondren 201) or on Zoom, every Wednesday with the following schedule:

1:00pm  Greeting and short writing activity/tips


Individual writing time

(25 min writing + 5 min break)

Fall 2021 Schedule:

Sept. 1st - Dec. 1st.

Every Wednesday from 1pm-4pm

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Meeting ID: 978 3863 1612
Passcode: capcgrad
Questions about the group?  Email us at


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