Undergraduate Students

Providing Resources From First Year to Graduation


Undergraduates are learning to express their ideas by writing academic papers, giving presentations, and making research posters in a variety of majors and courses. We provide resources to meet undergraduate students' needs as they complete assignments and learn to communicate at a high level.

Specifically, the Center for Academic and Professional Communication (CAPC) offers one-on-one consultations with trained peer consultants. You can get assistance on writing a paper, sharing a presentation, or giving a speech. We share tips on how to prepare written, oral, and visual forms of communication, including how to organize your paper, write a thesis statement, design a chart or graph, prepare a PowerPoint, and deliver a speech confidently.

The CAPC also presents free workshops and an online resource library to help you develop your communication skills.

For an overview of our undergraduate resources, see our brochure.


The Center for Academic and Professional Communication hires undergraduate communication consultants every Spring for the following academic year.

Our undergraduate consultants support a wide range of communication endeavors in all disciplines and at all levels of study. We also offer consultations on oral and visual projects and presentations. For more information, you can email the Assistant Director, Dr. Herrmann, at


FAQ for Undergraduate Students

We answer frequently asked questions from undergraduates about the Program in Writing and Communication.