First-Year Students

Providing Tools to Make Your First Year Successful

The first year of college presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities, and we are here to help students transition smoothly to college-level courses.

Whether or not you're enrolled in a FWIS course, the Program for Writing and Communication offers one-on-one consultations at the Center for Academic and Professional Communication (CAPC) – you can meet with a peer consultant for assistance on a speaking, writing, or visual assignment. Our consultants give tips on how to organize an essay, prepare a PowerPoint, write a thesis statement, and more. Plus, we offer a library of online resources to help you with communications assignments.


All undergraduate students entering Rice University must take a First-year Writing Intensive Seminar to ensure that they have the communication and writing skills they need to succeed during their studies at Rice (and beyond). We provide descriptions to help you select a FWIS course on a topic that interests you.


FAQ for Undergraduate Students

We answer frequently asked questions from undergraduates about the Program in Writing and Communication.