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All students may schedule a consultation at the Center for Academic and Professional Communication (Fondren Library) to review a written, oral, or visual communication assignment. Our consultants can assist you.

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We are now offering a full in-person schedule.  Limited online appointments will be available (please choose the online schedule from the dropdown in the scheduler). 

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We offer communications workshops on various topics each semester.  Check out the list of workshops we are offering this fall and register today!

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Meet one-on-one with a trained peer consultant to improve your communication skills.

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Peer communication consultants meet with students to discuss their works-in-progress.

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  • Consultant Spotlight

    At its core, language is a technology for connection. Sharpening our language skills to become effective communicators allows us to contribute to a larger discourse, whether it is in our specific discipline, industry, or beyond. Practicing the mechanics of effective communication can be overwhelming because it entails lifelong learning—however, this just means we get better at listening, collaborating, and building meaningful working relationships along the way. My work as a CAPC consultant is an exercise in curiosity and creativity, which is the joy (and challenge) of the job. I am grateful to be able to learn from my peers and help them present their bright ideas in an accessible and compelling way.