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UNIV Seminars

ESL Support for International Graduate Students

UNIV Seminars

The PWC offers three academic courses for graduate students who could benefit from improving their English speaking and writing. Each course carries two hours of credit. Students register for these during the normal registration period, through the normal registration process.

UNIV 600: Introduction to Academic Reading and Writing for International Graduate Students

This course teaches fundamental academic reading and writing skills to international graduate students in the first two years of their studies. Students will learn how scholars construct arguments and use evidence to support claims, and they will practice writing texts that are relevant to their own courses and careers.

Spring 2021 Section:

UNIV 601: Oral Communication Skills for International Graduate Students

This course provides students with strategies to improve oral communication skills necessary for academic and professional success. Students will learn how to overcome common and individual challenges related to pronunciation clarity, small group interactions, and formal presentations. Final projects will be related to students' studies or research.

Fall 2020 Section:

Spring 2021 Section:

UNIV 602: Advanced Academic Writing for International Graduate Students

This course will address writing at both the macro and micro-level, engaging students in academic writing tasks such as critiquing, reporting, and interpreting research findings, illustrating and justifying the significance of research, and grammatical topics. Writing assignments in the course will be linked to students' studies, courses, or research. The course also provides space for required one-on-one conferences with instructors and CAPC staff.

Spring 2021 Section: