CAPC Consultant, Sonia

Statement of Research Interests

My research rethinks how Mexican-American women have politically and socially worked to make themselves visible within marginalized existences. I look to understand what a self-fashioned Chicana looks like, feels like, and presents like in response to or in spite of societal invisibility.

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Thinking of oral and written communication as a process of critical thinking can help us reconsider ideas, objectives, levels of clarity, and aesthetics. We, as scholars, analyze and evaluate our subjects, but, increasingly, we should analyze and evaluate our expressions of processes. In my own writing and teaching of others, my goal is to consistently and constantly bring a level of vulnerability and awareness to communication, allowing academics make space for generative and reflective outcomes.

Other Commitments

As co-president of HGSA, I'm committed to representing and improving the social and academic experiences of humanities students' on our campus. As a self-aware procrastinator, I'm committed to spending far too much time viewing Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube content.


Hometown Abilene
Graduate Department English
Graduate Fields 19th & 20th Century American Literature,Mexican American literature,Chicanx Studies,Material Culture; Fashion and Visibility