CAPC Consultant, Neha

Hi everyone! I’m Neha, and I’m super excited to work with you all at the CAPC! I’m a senior studying Biosciences with a Concentration in Cell Biology & Genetics as well as Social Policy Analysis. I’ve enjoyed writing since I was in elementary school, and I fondly remember my friends and I sharing and commenting on “novels” we wrote together. Some of my other interests include hiking, listening to EDM and folk music, and trying new coffee shops. On campus, I’m involved in the Patient Discharge Initiative, Houston Empowering Refugees, EMS, and the Baker Institute. I’ve enjoyed meeting so many members of the campus community through these organizations, and I'm looking forward to meeting more of you through the CAPC! My main goal as a consultant is to encourage you to think critically about what messages you hope to convey in your writing and help you create pieces that stay true to these messages.


Hometown Plano, TX
College Duncan
Majors Biosciences with a Concentration in Cell Biology & Genetics, Social Policy Analysis