Hi everyone! My name is Kishan and I’m a 3rd year PhD student in Political Science. Broadly, I study political behavior within American Politics. My work focuses on two main categories: media and political violence. Regarding media, I study the relationships between news media, politicians, and the public. My work on political violence involves understanding how voters perceive harassment of politicians and how politicians respond to threats of violence.

I’m excited to be a CAPC consultant this semester! Communication is the most important thing that students do, but unfortunately, it’s also the most daunting and difficult. As a consultant, I hope to break down this challenging process into manageable parts and guide students to their end goals. Understanding the goals of your project, creating an effective structure that aids in reaching those goals, and practicing are the keys to producing excellent work. I aim to impart the various techniques that have helped me overcome the challenges of communication to other students so they can be effective communicators.

Besides being a consultant, I’m the President of the Political Science Graduate Student Association. I also work at the Center for Civic Leadership where I advise and mentor undergraduate research teams every semester. When I’m not working, I really enjoy watching movies/TV shows, cooking, exploring Houston's food scene, and practicing my Spanish when I get the chance!

Hometown Austin, TX
Graduate Department Political Science
Graduate Fields Political Science