CAPC Consultant, Gustavo

Statement of Research Interests

I am a comparativist that studies electoral institutions, accountability, and anti-corruption policies with a regional focus on Mexico and Latin America. My research agenda is broadly centered around three fields of interest: i) Explaining why legislators support anti-corruption legislation and classifying the wide variety of existing efforts to fight corruption; ii) Understanding whether and when electoral institutions reduce corruption; iii) Creating new measures for detecting malfeasance.

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

As students and scholars, a significant portion of what we do is simply writing. It is how people judge our performance and evaluate the value of our work. Still, I often find that most people struggle and dread the process of writing (me included). My goal as a consultant is to encourage critical thinking and techniques that, in my experience, have helped me overcome the challenge that an empty Word file can pose. I firmly believe that the combination of clear goals, structure, emulation, and practice are key to producing excellent writing.

Other Commitments

I am the treasurer of the Political Science Graduate Students Association.


Hometown Monterrey, Mexico
Graduate Department Political Science
Graduate Fields Comparative Politics