CAPC Consultant, Fiona

Hello! My name is Fiona, and I am a junior at Jones studying Classical Studies and Art History. I am very excited to be working with you all at the CAPC! At Rice, I am a Jones Academic Fellow, and at home I work as a tutor for students in elementary, middle, and high school. In my free time, I enjoy playing volleyball, hiking, reading, and spending time with friends. I love reading and translating Latin and Greek literature in particular! I hope to continue studying Classics and Art History in graduate school. As a consultant, I aim to provide students with the tools they need to express their ideas concisely and effectively with collaborative discussion and constructive feedback. My goal is to help others overcome the initial uncertainties in the writing process and gain confidence in communicating their unique, powerful perspectives to others. I am looking forward to collaborating with you all in this process!


Hometown San Antonio, Texas
College Jones
Majors Classical Studies, Art History