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FWIS 100 Overview

Preparing Students to Succeed in FWIS

FWIS 100 Overview


Who should take FWIS 100?

Based on comp exam results, some students are required to complete FWIS 100: Fundamentals of Academic Communication to develop the skills they need to be successful in a FWIS course.


What FWIS 100 covers

FWIS 100 introduces important elements of college-level reading and writing. Students also review grammatical points relevant to the course material and assignments and learn to edit their own work.

All students taking FWIS 100 will enroll in their required FWIS course during the spring semester. FWIS 100 alone does not satisfy the Writing and Communication Requirement. Permission is required to register.


FWIS 100 Courses

Get an idea of the texts you will encounter and the subject matter you will explore as you develop reading, writing, and presentation skills.

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