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FWIS 100 Courses

Introducing students to an academic field of inquiry

Based on the Composition Exam evaluations, some first-year students may be placed in FWIS 100 in the fall semester (and FWIS in the Spring). FWIS 100 introduces students to academic conversation through topic-based courses designed to develop the reading, writing, presentation, and critical thinking skills necessary to be successful in a FWIS seminar and many other Rice courses. Typical assignments might ask students to prepare a summary of a text, to keep a response journal, to present research on a specific topic, or to write a defense of an original idea.

As a prerequisite for FWIS, FWIS 100 uses engaging topics to introduce students to an academic field of inquiry. The course descriptions below are designed to give you an idea of the texts you will encounter and the subject matter you will explore as you develop the reading, writing, and presentation skills necessary to participate in an academic conversation.


Fall 2019 Courses coming soon...