CAPC Consultant, Linda

Hello! My name is Linda, and I'm thrilled to work with you all at the CAPC! Here at Rice, I am studying Psychology, Study of Women, Gender & Sexuality, and Biochemistry & Cell Biology, but most of my interests extend outside of class. Often, you can find me strolling around campus with a Chaus cold brew (with oat milk, no ice), swinging in Fondren’s banana hammocks, or volunteering at Ben Taub County Hospital as part of the Patient Discharge Initiative. In addition, I'm passionate about addressing health disparities through improving intercultural communication, bridging gaps in health literacy, and focusing on the storytelling aspect of medicine. I believe each of us has a compelling story to tell-- a story with the power to build connection, increase understanding, and move others to take action. Developing our skills as storytellers is a powerful and precious resource. I can't wait to get to work with you and hear yours!


Hometown Los Angeles, California
College Baker
Majors Psychology: Study of Women, Gender & Sexuality, Biochemistry & Cell Biology