FWIS Student Prize Winners

The Program in Writing and Communication is pleased to grant prizes to the most outstanding expository and analytical essays written by and oral presentations given by FWIS students each academic year. Congratulations to our winners!


Lin Guo, 1st Place, Best Expository and Analytical Essay

"What Ails Work? Marxist Alienation in Dark Princess"  read essay
FWIS 194: Americans Abroad: Travel and American Literature

Longtime Houstonian Lin Guo now lives in Jones College. After pondering Marx's and DuBois's theories of work, she realized the saying "do what you love" remains an unfulfilled dream for working class Americans today.

Justin Chang, 2nd Place, Best Expository and Analytical Essay

"Sing Unto Drug Lords a New Song: The Narcocorrido"  read essay
FWIS 137: Popular Music and American Culture

Justin Chang currently lives outside of Philadelphia and is a member of McMurtry College. Having lived in Mexico for ten years with his missionary parents, Justin took a particular interest in one of the more unconventional products of the Mexican Drug War—the songs and ballads dedicated to the drug lords. In researching for this essay, Justin found that the ‘narcocorrido’ in fact bears more cultural significance than its irreverent subject matter would evidence.

Emily Abdow, 1st Place, Best Oral Presentation

Letters of Paul  view presentation
FWIS 183: Famous Fakes in Early Christian Literature

Emily Abdow is a Jones College sophomore from Ellicott City, Maryland. Through her research for the oral presentation on Paul the Apostle, she discovered the power of interpreting a religious text through a historical lens. By applying the historical lens to the Pauline Epistles, she presents the possibility that Paul's written wishes to die are not suicidal, but rather a means of enticing followers to Christianity by glorifying the afterlife.

Michael King Photo_Circle.gif

Michael King, 2nd Place, Best Oral Presentation

The Republic of China: Taiwan  view presentation
FWIS 194: Americans Abroad

Michael King is a man of many places, including Los Angeles, Beijing, Hightstown, Sugar Land, and Baker College. For him, traveling is not merely a pastime, but a way of life. Taiwan, the home of his mother, is one such destination that stands out from the rest. Despite its small size, the island nation, much like America, is center for diversity. In his presentation, Michael discusses one such aspect of Taiwan’s multiculturalism and shares why Taiwan is a country like no other. In his spare time, Michael enjoys In-N-Out Burger and listening to SNSD.

Sreesh Shenoy Photo_Circle.gif

Sreesh Shenoy, 3rd Place, Best Oral Presentation

The Smuggling Aesthetic  view presentation
FWIS 192: The Roaring Twenties

Sreesh Shenoy is a sophomore from Spring, TX. He is a part of Jones College. Sreesh learned about the intricacies of smuggling in America during the 1920s and how smuggling affected the nature and beauty of life during the time period.