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lindsey chappell

Fondren 414 | MS-625 | | 713.348.3994

Lindsey Chappell received her PhD in English from Rice in May 2017. Her research focuses on nineteenth-century constructions of heritage, time, and empire in the British Mediterranean. She has published articles in SEL, Literature Interpretation Theory, and Victorian Review on topics ranging from irony to fractals. Chappell enjoys teaching courses on literature, travel writing, museum and empire studies, and cultural heritage. She is a sports enthusiast, but she currently has no plans to come out of powderpuff retirement. 

Spring 2018 Courses:
FWIS 156: Extreme Sports
FWIS 195: Wanderlust: Travel and Modern Culture


joanna fax

Fondren 414 | MS-625 | | 713.348.3994

Jo Fax received her PhD in English from Rice University in May 2016. Her research looks at the formation of sexual identities in 20th and 21st Century American culture, particularly as they intersect with the global impact of the US service economy. Her current research examines the relationship between contemporary popular culture and political activity in the US. She has published articles on Tea Party ideology, the poet Adrienne Rich, and lesbian pulp fiction. In addition to FWIS, Fax has taught courses in the English Department and the Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality.

Spring 2018 Courses:
FWIS 160: Life Narrative
FWIS 193: Banned Books and Other Dangers (2 sections)


Hsu photo.png

sophia hsu

Fondren 414 | MS-625 | | 713.348.3994

Sophia Hsu received her PhD in English from Rice in May 2017. She specializes in Victorian literature, and her research focuses on how nineteenth-century novels helped to shape ideas about the population and population management. Her articles on liberalism and violence and the history of the nineteenth-century census appear in Victorian Review and English Language Notes. For the PWC, she teaches FWIS courses that cover a range of novels, short stories, films, and TV shows. Her current FWIS courses examine literary and cultural representations of public health, the development of the modern family, and the concept of growing up.

Spring 2018 Courses:
FWIS 112: Modern Families
FWIS 196: Growing Pains: Coming of Age in Literature and Culture