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Brittany henry

Fondren 414 | MS-625 | | 713.348.3994

Brittany Henry received her PhD in English from Rice in May 2018. She specializes in contemporary multiethnic American literature and speculative fiction. Her research looks at how the histories of colonialism and global white supremacy shape and inform the political vision of utopian and dystopian texts. She has articles on migrant testimonios and survivalist post-apocalyptic literature in American Studies and forthcoming in Western American Literature. Her current FWIS courses examine depictions of displacement and global migration in contemporary literature and the imaginative worlds of feminist speculative fiction.

Spring 2019 Courses:
FWIS 127: Feminist Fabulations
FWIS 191: Migrant Experiences



Kyle G. sweeney

Fondren 414 | MS-625 | | 713.348.3994

Kyle G. Sweeney received his Ph.D. in art and architectural history from Rice University in 2017. As a spatial humanities postdoctoral fellow at the Humanities Research Center (2017-18), Sweeney continued his research on medieval architecture, urban space, and diachronic mapping and contributed to the development of traveLog—a collaborative digital platform for mapping historical itinerancies. He has published an essay on architectural portraiture in Picturing the Long Lives of Medieval Art and Architecture, which will appear later this year. His current FWIS courses examine the social, spatial, and ritual fabric of late medieval cities.

Spring 2019 Courses:
FWIS 134: The Road to Santiago (2 sections)