Composition Exam

‘You can always improve your writing’ is a phrase I’ve heard fairly often from my parents, teachers, and even employers. It’s always possible to communicate more clearly, and that will often set you apart from those around you. My FWIS course at Rice offered the opportunity to improve not only my writing skills, but also my writing efficiency. Although I am a terrible procrastinator when it comes to starting a writing assignment (as you’ll find most people are), my FWIS professor encouraged us to get over the initial hurdle by pursuing topics of interest. This idea has even spread to different areas of my life, and I encourage you to follow it as well: even the most difficult tasks can be enjoyable if you’re interested in the topic.
— Chris Sabbagh, Jones '17 (FWIS 110, The Birth of the Gods and the Origins of Justice)

All students admitted to Rice complete a composition exam prior to matriculation. The composition exam assesses a student's strengths in expository writing and provides him or her with an evaluation that will help inform course selection. 

The composition exam determines whether a student is assigned to enroll in a First-year Writing-Intensive Seminar (FWIS) or in FWIS 100: Fundamentals of Academic Communication. FWIS 100 is designed for students who would benefit from additional instruction in critical reading, writing, and speaking before they enroll in a FWIS. 

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