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The Program in Writing and Communication (PWC) is eager to work with faculty members or departments that are interested in integrating writing, speaking, or visual design assignments into undergraduate and graduate courses.

What is CID?

Communication-in-the-Disciplines (CID) programs facilitate students’ mastery of course content and develop their scholarly expertise, while improving their communication skills. CID courses emphasize discipline-specific modes of inquiry, vocabulary and concepts, genres, and discourse conventions in a particular field of study, while reinforcing general rhetorical principles.

Teaching Resources

The PWC’s staff offers pedagogical training and support to help you design and teach communication-intensive courses in your field.

Curriculum planning. Review department’s goals, identify courses that provide opportunities to use communication assignments to support learning, and develop a feasible, vertically integrated curricular plan to achieve desired outcomes.

Syllabus consultations. Discuss course goals and the ways in which communication assignments can be used to contribute to students’ understanding and retention of course content.

Assignment design. Help articulate the goals of an assignment, signal expectations, and define evaluation criteria.

Instructional materials. Provide handouts, presentations, and annotated examples.

Guest lecture. Visit your class and teach communication topics (e.g., design and deliver an oral presentation, write abstracts or papers for publication, design posters) tailored to your students’ needs and your goals.

Assessment. Share strategies with you and your TAs for providing thoughtful, timely feedback to students on their writing and oral communication.

Coaching. Arrange for your students to work individually with trained peer consultants.

Learn More

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