Profile of a FWIS: Art in Place and Places for Art


FWIS 117: Art in Place and Places for Art

An interview with Nonya Grenader, Instructor

What do you think is interesting/distinctive about this FWIS course?
Houston is home to many influential works of modern art and architecture, and students from all disciplines will have the opportunity to discover some of the best examples from across the city. Actual artifacts and edifices will serve as our primary sources, and you will observe, analyze, and interpret these significant works using both words and images.

What, specifically, are you excited about teaching in your FWIS this semester?
Art and architecture are fields that have traditionally encompassed a wide variety of subject matter. Every work has its own historic significance, its place within a social context, its ability to perform structurally, and its capacity to inspire written description. In addition to reaching across the curriculum, I want to offer an introduction to Houston’s culture. We will travel beyond campus to view not only the well-known examples, but also the hidden gems!

What is one thing you hope students draw from this FWIS?
As a long time architect and professor, I continue to be amazed at the power of art and architecture to inform and inspire creative thinking. And, at a time when we are offered an abundance of available information, this class focuses on fewer topics that will allow students to linger and look closely.