Profile of a FWIS: Leaders and Leadership: What We Know, What We Believe

FWIS 122: Leaders and Leadership: What We Know, What We Believe

An Interview with John Cornwell, Instructor

What do you think is interesting/distinctive about this FWIS course?
“Leaders and Leadership" approaches leadership as a personal experience. You will reflect on your formal and informal leader experiences and apply research on leadership to understanding how well and how often you were a leader. This isn’t a course about the great leaders from history. This is a course about you as a leader.

What, specifically, are you excited about teaching in your FWIS this semester?
Developing leadership competencies is an important objective that the university encourages and most students desire. "Leaders and Leadership” contributes to students' self awareness about their own leader skills. Watching students develop over the semester in their understanding about and use of leadership is very satisfying.

What is one thing you hope students draw from this FWIS?
It’s a FWIS course so of course students write a lot about leadership and their experiences. Through this they develop an appreciation for what it takes to produce great writing and the resources at Rice to support them as great writers. Students leave knowing what it takes to be a great leader and a great writer.