Fight Writer’s Loneliness with Rice Writes!


At my desk at home, everything is in its right place—the noise level, my favorite pens and pencils, a comfy-enough chair. In both its creative and analytical operations, writing requires a level of comfort—visual, acoustic, and atmospheric accessories that a space at home or the office can provide readily.

But a room of one’s own isn’t primed to satisfy the social needs of the writing mind. In short, writing can be a lonely occupation. To avoid composition-isolation, I have spent days writing in coffee shops, amid the tumult of clinking glasses, a steady vocal din, indie music that was sometimes too loud or too busy, and my consistent anxiety about plug availability.

I went to coffee shop to write with a community. However, unless you’ve got the most magical of Cheersian shops (where everybody knows your name), chances are you’re writing in your community, not with your community.

This is where Rice Writes! comes in.  Rice Writes! is a group for all kinds of writing (analytical, expository, creative) and writers (undergrad, grad, postdoc, faculty) on campus. We’ll meet on the fourth Tuesday of every month, from 7:30-9:30pm, eat some healthy and/or unhealthy snacks, and write together. Think of Rice Writes! as your writing support group—a contingent of fellow authors who are all working through different projects under the same umbrella of writing.

All across campus, students and faculty are writing alone in dorm rooms, offices, and study rooms. Let’s experience how much more productive and supported we can be when we write together, Rice.

Join us for our first meeting on Tuesday, January 26th, from 7:30-9:30pm in the CWOVC, 2nd floor of Fondren. There will be snacks!