Profile of a FWIS: Exploring the Mysterious Art World

FWIS 134, Collecting Art: Perspectives of Artists, Patrons, and Museums

An Interview with Kariann Fuqua, Instructor

What do you think is interesting/distinctive about this FWIS course?
My course opens up the sometimes mysterious art world to students. We cover the economics of the art market and discover why some art is so expensive while other pieces are just ignored. We also are able to make field trips to area museums that are so close to Rice.

How did you get interested in this particular topic?
I am, and will always be, someone who loves museums. My background is diverse, working as an artist and educator while also in museums and galleries, so I believe I can provide a unique perspective on the art world for my students.  I'm fascinated with how the art market functions and how this market plays a role in the culture treasures museums are charged with keeping. This class initially spawned from my thoughts surrounding a highly regarded university's attempt to sell off part of its extremely valuable art collection.

What, specifically, are you excited about teaching in your FWIS this semester?
I always like going to museums with students.  It's hands-on learning and it is great to hear how students interpret the art we see.